This game was created for the Pixel Day 2019 and it has won 1st place!


Nymphiad is a puzzle-platformer with a unique twist - each camera movement shifts the world itself.

Somewhere in the dark mazes beneath the temple of Tithonus a lost nymph seeks the way back to the world of daylight. However this journey won't be easy. Nobody can be sure that the chosen path is right in this cursed place.


This game has full gamepad support.

Version History

1.1 - 20/02/19


  • added always run option;
  • fixed level design flaw on level 15.

1.0.2 - 18/02/19


  • added alternative run and push/pull buttons.

1.0.1 - 13/02/19


  • fixed getting stuck in falling objects bug.

1.0 - 26/01/19


  • slightly decreased player's falling speed;
  • added level numeration;
  • added fullscreen mode;
  • added multiple languages support;
  • few minor fixes and level design tweaks.

0.9 - 22/01/19


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Is there any way I can download the tilemap of this game? I want to create something similar for an assignment


There are hundreds of references in the internet. Find the one you like and draw your tilemap. If you're not good at drawing look for a pre-made asset. Even here on itch.io there are plenty of nice and usually free tilemaps in the assets section.

Awesome game, I'm just not coordinated enough to get very far. On 11 and I keep screwing up getting the box off the elevator.

Oh well, I may come back and try again...

Thanks for playing!

This is adorable! I also just love puzzle platformers.

Thanks a lot! Glad that you liked it :)

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i like the game but i cannot get past level 3 because its too hard

This is actually a very good game! I really liked the pixel art mixed with a Greek sense of style! Well Done!

Thank you very much!

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Also I just want to ask what font did you use for the title? I am making a Greek styled game too.

It's my custom sprite font. I used some free font as a reference. Don't recall the name.

Halp I is broken it 

I can't see the character

Press Esc to pause the game. Then select "Restart Level" option. That's all assistance that you can expect from me in this situation. And let's hope that it won't happen to you again

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Hi, i'm on the browser version and I got stuck on level 2 (I think) and its telling me to press Z or J or Shift, but none of them do anything for me.


Hi, hold shift to run and jump farther. You can also turn always run mode on in the options.

I reloaded the page and now it works, but it really did not do anything before.

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Hi! Did you publish this game on the Xbox Store under the name of "Dark Temple V"? The game disappeared from both the store and the library, so I am unable to download it again if I need. I was wandering what happened with the Xbox version. Thank you in advance.

Hi! My game was stolen (not for the first time!) and published on the Xbox Store under the name that you mentioned. It was removed after my DMCA claim. Sorry to hear that you paid some frauds to play this free game on your console. Here's more info if you're interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/przl5v/it_happened_again_or_my_game_wa...

Hi Wolod. Thank you a lot for you reply. I will report this to the customer support. It is a shame they allowed such a scam. I will give a look to the reddit thread. Cheers!

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A weird bug is happening in browser, at the starting screen, no buttons are visible, but the two lights for on either side of them are, and the invisible options can still be selected. I assumed the first one would be the 'start game', clicked that, and the screen went black

It's weird. Everything works fine in both Firefox and Chrome on my PC. Thanks for letting me know.

Really good game loved the screen mechanic. You should make a second one where you can temporarily fly or maybe double jump with the wings.


Thanks for the feedback. I have plans to make an extended version of this game with additional mechanics.

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It was really funny and I like it.

Thanks for playing ^^


Cheers! Keep it up making games, I love to play good indie games :)

It's really fun game.

I like it

Thanks for playing :)


Cool game. I love the little dance when collecting the coin :D

Thanks! Glad that you liked it :)

If I may leave a suggestion, more checkpoints would improve the game. There are a bunch of screens that are nothing but padding, slowly pushing the crate to the only other possible spot it can go; then, if the player dies in a later screen when hazards are finally reintroduced, the player has to redo all the slow, boring stuff again.

Thanks for the feedback! This game is finished and I don't have time to support it anymore. But I plan to make an extended version or a remaster of it. Checkpoints will be there for sure.

Hi friend, 

just played ur game and i love it. 

I enjoyed the fun, the sprites and the palette was gorgeous. 

Heard about your problems too and i'm happy everything is fine now. 

By the way, i heard that a lot of indie games are cloned by chinese because almost nobody translate it : a lot of RPC chinese don't speak english. Period. But they are young and love games!!! One day try to translate a game in chinese and sell it... You'll see. 1 billion more potential customers... 

Good job ! 

Thanks for playing and for your support!

Localization is very important. But this particular game has less than 100 words of text, half of which are default UI things like "play" or "quit". So in my opinion Nymphiad won't suffer from the lack of supported languages. And by the way it is a free game at the moment. I know 3 languages and therefore translated it to them. I won't mind if some fans would provide me with the translation to their languages (there is not much text anyway). I'll be happy to add those!

PS: for example my other game Knightin'+ has Chinese translation but it was stolen too just like this one. So I doubt that the lack of translation is the reason.


Heard about the game theft, I'm so sorry that happened to you! I enjoyed my time with the game and I will follow your profile!

Thanks for playing and for your support!

great game!

thank you very much!

the most frustrating little platformer I've ever played. I'm obsessed. 

Hope that you managed to enjoy it despite the frustration xD

oh I'm loving it! stuck on level 14 now and I don't plan on quitting til I beat the game!

You're almost done. There are 15 levels total. Thanks for playing!

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How do I beat the level where they introduce lazers?

edit: nvm there's a walkthrough


waiting for nymphiad 2!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your support! I have plans for Nymphiad+ a much longer version with tons of new content and checkpoint system on a big levels :3

good idea!!


Love the art style! Also the browser player looks awesome on the page as well! No idea if this was the intention or just turned out nicely..? Its a nice puzzle game and love the screen move mechanic’s to solve puzzles! I’m currently also working on a puzzle-game playable with a browser https://guldor.itch.io/citybuilder. I would love to get some feedback on it if you have the time?

In this game for me the “run” instructions made it look like i had to go up between 2 walls above, maybe adding “run” would make it more clear. Also the “R” reset button is a bit close to the “E” for moving blocks, happened a few times that i restarted instead of moved something ;)

But other than that the game is easy to understand and works and feels great! love the character and matching statues and consistent artwork, very well done :) I did get an error i was moving to the right and then clicked outside of the browser with my mouse by mistake and then the character did not stop running to the right until i pressed the “D” button again. And maybe its me but the move “E” control and run/ jump did not feel like the best control layout for me, would it work that run and pickup items is with the same button? So it feels more easy, the game as a casual feel so maybe easier controls work too? No idea.. I would love to give more feedback in case it helps but love the game as is so no idea :D


Hey there!

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback. I have plans to make an extended edition of this game (going to call it Nymphiad+). And your feedback will come in very handy. There are some really neat quality of life improvements in your post :D

As for your game, I'm going to check it out this week. You can expect a very thorough review from me as well ;)


Your welcome! If you ever want some (more) feedback on any game let me know. Getting feedback can be very helpful and giving it makes you think more critically on your own process I think :)


I'm impressed by people, who have the knowledge to create little masterpieces like this.


Thank you very much! Comments like this mean a lot to me

How do you restart the whole game? I wanted to play this again from the beginning but it keeps loading me to the last level I played. 

It is supposed to restart automatically after the final cutscene

oh nevermind . _.


I played the entire 1.1.1 version of the game twice. It was fairly enjoyable. Because this game is very polished, I'll spare the patronizing "nice job!"s and comment like this is a serious game.

SFX fit very well, the music was not annoying.

QOL issues: I held down the shift key for most of the game. E is next to R so sometimes when I try to move a block I restart the level instead. The introduction is unskippable.

The short levels (4 or less screens) were the most fun.

The last level was really tedious. The puzzles in that level weren't super tricky and the platforming wasn't that challenging. It was just tedious having to repeat the first parts of the level so much just to get to the next puzzle section. And the platforming isn't interesting enough to make repeating the level fun.

Sometimes you push the block to a bad spot and can't progress. This forces you to restart the level, forcing you to do the same hokey platforming challenges. This is frustrating. First encountered this issue on level 13.

Some suggestions:

1. To break up the pace, add some pure puzzle levels. And some pure platforming levels.

2. Avoid long levels or add checkpoints to them.

3. Avoid puzzle dead-ends that force you to restart the level.

A more drastic suggestion is to remove most of the platforming and death and focus more on puzzles. I feel the puzzle potential of the shifting camera is under-explored. I would experiment with letting the player shift the camera whenever they want and design some levels around that.

Overall I enjoyed the game.

Thanks for the very detailed review.

You're right about the E and R keys. That's why I added the alternative push/pull controls (X) back in a day. Regarding the holding Shift key, you can toggle the always run mode in the options. I.e. you will be walking while holding Shift key.

In fact I'm working on the extended version of Nymphiad with lots of improvements, new levels and improved old ones. Definitely going to add checkpoints in the long levels there. Hope that I'll manage to finish it this year.

this takes forever to load '-'


That's bad :(

Try downloadable version, maybe it will work better for you


Good Game

Fun video :)

can you try my similar game named missed call 

Deleted 2 years ago

Well, it's obviously not supposed to work like this. Nobody complained about this issue before. I guess that your browser couldn't load all of the game's data. You may try to load the game with the adblock turned off or play it in another browser or download the desktop version. Nice 3 options...


First, I'd like to start by saying the art style is absolutely amazing! I love the puzzles and game design as well! The music is ok, but the star of this app is the gameplay mechanics... very clever using controls, puzzles and level layout to advance further in the game. This one will have people looking up "let's play" vids to solve a few of them for sure lol! Great game, guys!!! 


Thank you very much! A lot of effort was put into this game. I'm very glad that you enjoyed paying it!

What an amazingly put together game this is! For something that has such a simple premise it comes across as one of the most complex, challenging and charming puzzle games I've played in a long time!

The mechanic of slightly altering the view and therefore changing the whole aspect of a level is really, really good. Add to that the wonderfully designed challenges, awesome main character (he's a real charmer) and a subtly kick-ass soundtrack and you've got one heck of a game!

I honestly had so much fun playing this, and I reckon everyone needs to get in on it! Definitely! Like, right now!

Keep up the awesome work my man, this was an experience! =)

Thanks for playing Nymphiad! I enjoyed your video a lot :D
Nice platforming skills! You've almost made it to the end by the way. There are 15 levels total.

I played this game for my Indie Game Showcase. I thought the game was well made and was alot of fun. The puzzles in the game were good too. I recommend this game.

If you are interested in gameplay, here is a gameplay video of the game.

Thanks for playing!

can you try my 2d maze game called missed call

Amazing. Not only art but also the gameplay! Controls feel very nice and intuitive. Great job!

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Thanks! Glad that you liked it :)

This is great game, I love the art.

Thank you.

Very cute. Very fun! Love the colors.

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Thanks for the video! Glad that you liked Nymphiad.

You can use Shift, Z or J for running. Also you can turn always run mode in options. In this case holding run buttons will make you walk instead. Guess it will be more convenient for you.

PS: game's title is made up from 2 words "nymph" and "Iliad" (Greek mythology references). So it should sound something like [nɪmfiəd] :)


I return with the ending!

Even though it took me longer than it should have, mostly due to several accidents, this was a fun game. I could easily see it as something longer.

Glad to see you again :)

I'm on the second level, playing in Chrome. Shift, Z, and J don't do anything when I push them and I cannot jump high enough to progress the game. Do you recommend a different browser?

I recommend to hold any of these buttons. Then you'll be able to run and jump further. Also you can turn on "always run" mode in options.

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That was amazing and challenging, art is very cool and simple, character you play with is so cute and the music is very nice, I reached level 11 I think, great game with a great idea, I might come back later to finish more levels, keep up the awesome work :)


Thanks a lot! There are only 15 levels in this game. So it shouldn't take you long to finish it. Hope you'll like the ending :)

AMEIZING puzzle design, holy shit I felt challanged, then rewarded and was understanding the rules as it went, and feeling it to be fair. really well done!

Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed it :)

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Amazing Game you should get more attantion. 

keep it up

Thanks for your support :)

Amazing Game, The Art Is Brilliant And The Puzzles Are Very Challenging :)

Thank you very much!

And here too: 

You weren't supposed to get up there. That's it! I'll reduce jump height xD

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