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hey Hold678 add one more rule to 100% that says "open all chests." then it'd be 100% run.

This is actually one of my favorite games, I tried to find a way to convert it to a .NES file, so I could download it on my DS, nut haven't found a way.

can someone help with this?

I don't think that it's possible.

sad. It's my favorite game so far, though a little short, I guess that's to expect in indie gadev.

I'm making a game of my own, and this platformer only has 10 levels so far!!

This is my chart for all floors:

Completion:Floor 1:Floor 2:Floor 3:
map completion:100%100%100%
Item completion:100%100%100%

Good job on the no damage run of the game. I believe there is improvement in the 100% run. Again very good job.

YEET 3:48 not bad for 1st COMPLETED run of No Damage! i had 20 other attempts before getting great coin RNG and no getting hit!

Wolod by any chance after you beat the Quag do coin drops become less frequent? cause i did 100% run and after boss coins were harder to acquire for 100%. by my time was actually 17:55 because Ghost Amulet grind

Exotic your run did not have you collect the fourth item. I realize it is very hard to collect the health upgrade and the key and the item from the shop. But you must collect all of those 

thats fine itll make runs after 10:00 though guess it more of a challenge ;) just how do i grind coins for the last item

ok Hold678 i submitted a run of every room and every item from ShopKeeper and ended up with 17:55! The Ghost Amulet grind was so much time i ended boss at 8:04 thats almost 10 min grind! next time im grinding before fighting boss! also obs is working for me now thanks for the suggestion.

Wonder when DarkCreeperLord will come back cause after i beat his time by a lot i haven't seen him since! If he wishes to come back and try he could submit to the' leader-board 

This is my (WR) as of being recorded anyway and hope that it will be uploaded to 

World Record Any% 3:40.92 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1-51.90  Floor 2-1:56.72  Floor 3-2:57.67  Boss-3:40.92

its a little laggy (maybe alot) but i did record this legit

yeah i just realized i had to submit it ;)

I just verified it but to say a recorder I use OBS.

Exotic currently I have no rules for Any%  what do you think I should add

Well just say get to 3rd floor and kill Boss Draq? as fast as possible

ill submit a route to the page too

scratch out my 3:31 it has no video proof and i'd like to submit a legit speedrun but i need a good screen recorder!

Hello I am Hold678 I am the moderator of the Knightin' category on the website Here is the link: (It is still work in progress)

Hello! Glad that you're interested in Knightin' :)

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Yeah I started speed running the game. My record is 3:43. I want to show people the game. I would like to see exoticpanda submit a run on the Leaderboard.

dont have a good recorder but if you could suggest one ill record the best time i can get beside 3:31 because it'd be hard to do again at least 3:34-3:36 might be my best but ill try to find one ty

Stumbled upon this gem a few days ago. I have been enjoying my time thoroughly with this game. I love the 2D Zelda games a ton, and you've perfectly captured that feeling when playing. Keep up the amazing work! (Finally made an account for this comment lol!)

Enemy coin drop rate
NO COINS 45% chance
Small Coins (usually 1-3) 30% chance
Medium coins (usually 1-2) 20% chance
Large coins (ONLY 1) 10% chance

This is just my opinion but maybe some one can justify my statement 

-Small are worth 1 

-Medium are worth 3

-Large are worth 5

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You're almost right. Coin values are correct but drop chance looks like table below.

Enemy coin drop rate
No coins50%
1 small coin16.75%
2 small coins13.25%
1 medium coin10%
1 medium and 1 small coin6.75%
1 large coin3.25%

When you bring Knightin'+ in Wolod i might do a no damage run cause this game right now is highly probable for no damage run. At least for me it is cause i just push this game to its limits! Now 100% no damage is probably like 5% possible but if i can find a way to push that to it'd be AMAZING! if some one can do it please show me how you didn't get hit!

You're right. I consider Knightin' a somewhat easy game after you get used to it. I did a couple of no damage runs too while testing it. New types of enemies and traps in Knightin'+ won't make player's life so easy in later dungeons.

Thats nice did you get one without getting hit?

So i found out i can get 100 coins before visiting shopkeeper on 3rd floor which saves time because last time i had to grab the Ring of Speed and kill a couple people then go back to shopkeeper but now i just take quick stop and go straight ahead no turning back!

World Record 100% 7:41.59 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1-2:23.43  Floor 2-4:29.67  Floor 3-6:58.17  Boss-7:41.59

World Record 100% 8:03.72 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1-2:27.49  Floor 2-4:30.39  Floor 3-7:21.27  Boss-8:03.72

Was hoping for under 8min run but somehow my 3rd floor is somehow slow in this run by 6secs compared to floor 1 and floor 2 costing me the run although LiveSplit says its only 0.86secs possible to shed off. IDK if LiveSplit is telling the truth but i think under 8min is possible and LiveSplit is telling me 8:02.

World Record 100% by ExoticPanda

Floor 1-2:30.05  Floor 2-4:37.09  Floor 3-7:21.94  Boss-8:04.11

Another Perfect run! just finally got perfect mushrooms and with me now only needing 1.4 second faster to get 3:29 is SICK!!

World Record Any% 3:31.37 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1-0:47.73  Floor 2-1:53.28  Floor 3-2:47.95  Boss-3:31.37

YES! Got Floor 3 Flawless the eyes were the hardest off all in the run but i got them in one go!

World Record 100% 8:19.79 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1 2:33.13  Floor 2 4:36.56  Floor 3 7:38.48  Boss 8:19.79

Good job on beating the most challenging room in the whole dungeon so fast!

World Record Any% 3:34 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1
Floor 2Floor 3Boss

I love this game and speedrunning it is even better keep up the good work Wolod cant wait to see the sequel of this game! Good Luck!

OMG! Im Suprised PERFECT!

World Record Any% 3:36.54 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1-0:50.40  Floor 2-1:57.66  Floor 3-2:55.17  Boss-3:36.54

I expected 3:38 or 3:37 but I got slightly faster as i went onto floor 3! 

World Record 100% 9:36.20 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1-2:34.40  Floor 2-4:41.69  Floor 3-8:54.42  Boss-9:36.20

a found a bug when doing a 100% run where the game doesnt freeze but the frog at the end does it was around 8:46 into run and the frog did nothing but you see the knight still moving in place

This is the route and there are other directions in the description below just to describe a certain part and how to do boss easy.

at 0:42 i went through spikes after I found frame perfect time to walk through the spikes and ive done this at at least 2 or 3 spots 

times 0:42, 1:29, and 1:52

You Could add easy, normal, and hard mode options to the game.

I don't think that I'm going to update this game soon. But I'm working on Knightin'+ right now. It will be a really extended version (or sequel, or remake :D) of this game with different dungeons, more content and various game modes.

Nice! Thanks it would be nice to play a sequel love the content keep it up!

So i just did a 100% speedrun which im calling all floors fully discovered and all items collected (including shopkeeper) and that one key you have to get in the way back of the third level ;) my was that part the hardest! well ill post my time for anyone who wants to try!

World Record 100% 10:09.12 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1-2:37.52  Floor 2-5:05.90  Floor 3-9:26.28  Boss-10:09.12

also the bonus rooms you have to do the codes and open the chests and all shopkeeper items (except heal potion it just heals you).

World Record Any% 3:39.60 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1-0:50.43  Floor 2-1:58.66  Floor 3-2:58.85  Boss-3:39.60


My congratulations! Well done!

Thanks Wolod it was alot of focus required and the RNG of those mushrooms and just hoping they drop coins for me to buy the key on the third floor! The mushrooms went wherever they wanted. But i feel my record is at hardest now i cant even pass it! i do believe that 3:38 or 3:37 is possible but those mushrooms need to be perfectly centered for me to pass the first room with a good time. 

World Record Any% - 3:46.40 by ExoticPanda

Floor 1 0:52.60    Floor 2 2:05.50    Floor 3 3:02.20    Boss 3:46.40

how can I get the Linux version running? I'm running Ubuntu 16.04. Thank you for any help.

Just unpack .zip file you downloaded and you're ready to go.  Or do you encounter any errors while trying to run unzipped game?

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I seem to be at a loss as to which file to run. There is no x86, x64  or even a .sh file to run.

File called "nw" should do the trick.


i was fast on my feet this time!


ha you call my record a world record nah i don't think so my record was 3:53

with 5 second penalty!

If You may see this i have beaten your record by 1 sec as 3:52.0 finding the same route you may have used to beat this. my previous PB was 4:24.3 using a different route. 

Wolod, Thank you! I had to time myself on my tablet to see my record it was hard to do but i got the world record!!!


Genius! I am trying to beat the quag.

Good Game!

yet have you beat it? if you have good job!

Genius! I am trying to beat the quag.

Good Game!

Thanks a lot!

OMG i got the world record 4 minutes and 57 seconds!!!

My congratulations! It's a really impressive result!

i'm also doing a speed run so ill tell you my time at the end!!!

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ok this is my updated chart!

chart 1Floor 1Floor 2Floor 3
mapmap 100%map 100%map 100%
itemsitems 100%items 100%items 100%
chart 2shoprequired itemsBig Potions
itemskey, big potion and ghost amuletsword, shield, ring of speed and ghost amuletfloor 1, floor 2 and shop


chart 3puzzlesenemies found
floor 1st found on (enemies found)
found on, solved and where on the
map (puzzles)

number 1 solved bottom right corner number 2 solved, top right corner1:mushroom floor 1
2:skull fly floor 1
3:slime floor 2
4:plazma eye floor 3
5:quag (might be wrong) floor 3 BOSS


I hope you add two more things into the game one a 100% ending and two

add more floors or whatever it is. but other than that this game is really good!!! 100/5 stars

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Congrats on finishing the game!

I'm working on an extended version of Knightin' right now. It'll contain much more content and achievements (like 100% completion).

Thanks for playing!

Sweet! Do you happen to know what program you used and no, I will not make a copy of your im just wondering? now lets shove that question out the way I love your game i love so much since i have found this i have played every day!!!

I used Construct 2 engine and Paint.NET to draw graphics. Glad that you enjoy my game :D

thanks! At first i used sketch nation cause that's the best drawing program i know of, i'm glad i can try to do this program because i have a game sorta yet not sorta like your game for example armor will be equipable and weapons to, but i'll take a dungeon that looks a lot like yours, yet items, weapons and anything else is upgradeable!!! i'll tell you when it's finished but do not worry it will only have one reference to your game yet, you're in control of the game, Wolod if you don't  want me to make the game you do not have to!

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