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Cool game I hope more is made of it

Glad that you liked it

do you plan on making a longer version of this game

Yeah, I guess that I'll make an extended version of Knightin' in the nearby future

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Great fun little game! :)

I love the art style!

Altough i would love to have different music for the areas. The soundtrack started to get really repetitive after a while.

PS. what game engine did you use? :D

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

I used Construct 2

this game needs to be put on steam

I'm going to make an extended version for steam

I always love a good zelda inspired game. 10/10 wish there were more levels


Thanks for playing my game! It was very fun to watch. And your thumbnail made my day :D

Great game so far!  I love the controls and the graphics!  The music is also good, but it can get a little repetitive.  The QR code puzzle was a really nice touch.  I'd definitely like to play more in the future!


I had much fun watching your video! You keep missing a key on the first floor. It's hidden in the chest in the room with QR code (bottom left). Hope this will help.

Glad you liked it!  I'll see what you're talking about when I play again.

This was great, thanks:)

Thanks for playing :)

I'm liking it so far :o I had some issues with the cyclops enemies, but overall it felt like one of the better Zelda-like dungeon games I've played.

I guess I need to fix my phone's issue of not being able to scan QR codes >< Would've loved to see what was beyond some of those locked areas I found...but anyway.

I covered this game for my YouTube channel. Hope it helps! 

It's a nice video you've made. Thanks! QR codes contain puzzles' solutions. But there are another hints to solve them. You need to use shield more to fight imps (cyclops) effectively ;)

really nice game!


Great game! I've barely played it for 20 minutes, and the QR code puzzles really suprised me. I've never seen anything like this before. It's games like these that I come for to Great work Wolod!

Thanks a lot! I've put much effort into this game.

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Wolod, You made a gem. The art is awesome and the gameplay is really fun.  I also love the music.  I am eagerly waiting for an expansion. 


Thank you very much! I hope that it'll be worth waiting.

Very fun game and despite the speed run, I spent roughly an hour or so figuring out how to properly play the game. Also I encountered 2 glitches, 1 where I died and the game loaded into a different map where the Knight didn’t show up and it was locked on that screen.

2nd glitch was dying on the map that the game randomly loaded me into last time and respawning at the last save, but the pause menu didn’t work. The game paused, but there was no text and I couldn’t move the cursor and mashing buttons didn’t do anything. Game worked fine despite the pause menu dying, but I closed the game afterwards. Time stamps for the video if you want to see it in action: 6:24 and the game version was 1.2

Dang. You beat me to it.

Congratulations on a world record! I'll look to that glitches today.

Deleted 2 years ago

Control hints are shown on the dungeon's floor. But here you go.

Arrows/WASD - Move
Space - Use/Open
Z/J - Sword
X/K - Shield
C/L - Dash

D-pad/Left Stick - Move
A - Use/Open
X/RT - Sword
LT/LB - Shield
Y/RB - Dash

Very cool game, I'm wondering how much time did you spend doing it  :P

Thanks! It took me 16 days to finish v.0.9

freezing movement after you open a chest seems pointless. Just an annoying feeling delay for the player.



Really cool game, man! I wish you'll do more awesome games like that!

Thank you! I definitely will!

Good job clickteam friend :) 

art is cute and you are doing some cool stuff with the puzzles, QR codes and all that. Good job :)

Thanks buddy :)

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So a couple of weird glitches happened while I was playing. One was that sometimes when I moved from one room to the next, it would instead act like I was moving from the previous room to the one I was already in, and I would be placed back in the previous room.

Second: After I died, instead of respawning me at the checkpoint, it instead reloaded on the room with the staircase to the next floor, and my character was not on screen. I could not move or do anything else, and was forced to restart the game from the beginning (reloading my save file didn't fix it).

Fortunately I was only on the third floor, so it wasn't that bad.  Great game, by the way.

Also, why are there no invincibility frames?

Thank you for the bug report. Those 2 glitches you described are parts of one big nasty bug. However it should've been fixed in version 1.2. Did you encounter this bug on older version of the game or on 1.2?

You'll get invincibility after getting hurt if you buy Ghost Amulet in the shop.

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I was playing the web version on the game's page. I didn't pay attention to the version number.

Edit: Just downloaded the latest version, and the scrolling glitch happened again.

That's bad. Thank you again. I'll release a new patch soon

Duuuuuude. Amazing. I'm awestruck. OST was amazing and controls/animations were balanced well. Freakin' excellent my dude.

Thanks a lot, mate ;)

Beautiful game, just excellent, i just killed the boss it was so funny. To solve the second puzzle i draw a map and put al thoese circles in the map it feels so great, well done! Greetings from Colombia!!

Thanks a lot! Great job on solving second puzzle without a QR solution!

Like it a lot! Very beautiful grafic. Not much to add or say. :)

Thanks! Glad that you liked it :)

Fantastic game.
Beautiful pixel art.
The fight against the boss was very good, but easy.
Congratulations on the project.

Thank you very much!

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The first puzzle was a cinch, but the second one was freakin' difficult. Still got it after some time though =]. Had to get a friend to help out just to figure it out.

Wrote a quick little review to tell our fans about your game.

QR touch was awesome!

Thanks for your amazing review! It's awesome!

I liked it. I haven't played a game like this for a long time. It took me a bit to get the light puzzles though; is there a logical pattern or is it just random?

Thank you, glad that you enjoyed the game :)

There are 2 ways to solve puzzles. You can look for the hints hidden on the floor (small square holes) and figure out solution yourself, or you may find a QR code with a solution.

very fun throwback had a great time took foever to figure out the second puzzle but i did it lol great job

It was fun video you've made. Thanks for playing!

I used you game as an example to my Game Design class. Perfect example of what I call a room crawler (IE Legend of Zelda). They had fun playing your game. Great work.

Thanks a lot! It's a big honor for me that you used my game as an example. That's really cool!

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i love zelda and i love this short game, thought the graphics looked awesome and loved the simple nature of the game which meant that anyone could play it. i hope you continue making games like this (hopefully a bit longer ;)) and that they are also still available for mac.

I'm a big fan of old zelda games too and I'm going to continue developing great games. Stay tuned for news ;)

Thanks for playing!

Not sure if it's intentional or I'm missing something, but I feel like there is a key missing. Looking at the attached image, it shows 6 health and 1 key, but I have 6 health and no key. I think I've explored the entire dungeon and I've grabbed every chest I've seen.

You can buy the last key for 50 coins.

That's including buying the key

nvm, I did the first floor in a weird order and missed a key there

You did it alone ?? It's totally awesome ! Great job, you really master Construct 2 !

Thank you! Yep, I did it alone in 16 days. It's all about experience. I develop on Construct since 2011

Hi, what engine/tool did you make this game with and how long did it take you? Thanks, Stavros.


Construct 2

16 days

Which edition of Construct 2 did you use? The Free Edition or the Personal Edition? I need to know if I can publish my games to with the free edition. Thanks.


I have won business license on Construct 2030 Jam back in 2014. As far as I know you can publish games to with any edition type.

Fun game!!


Thank you!


Very nicely done. It took me a while to find the controls are part of the level's artwork.


Thank you. Hints for the puzzles are hidden that way too.


Very fun game, though I ran into a similar glitch that was mentioned below. I was fighting the "Almost Dragon" and died. Instead of respawning me at the save point, it loaded a different room, and my character didn't appear, therefore keeping me from being able to play the game. It's saved into my game, so when I hit Continue, it just loads into the glitched area.


I thought that I fixed it already. Well, it seems that I was wrong. I'll look to that bug tomorrow. Thanks for the bug report.

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Very nice graphics and smooth gameplay.

Also nice music.


Thanks a lot!

Very nice game and art style)

Привіт з Кропивницького ;)

Thanks a lot!

Мої вітання зі Львова ;)

Awesome game, I love the graphics, animations and especially the soundtrack! I translated the two Qr code: the first gives me a binary code that translated is "4" I don't know what that means. In accordance with a series of arrows that I tried to run but nothing happened. What do the two Qr code? However great, nice game congratulations!

Thanks a lot! Glad that you enjoyed playing Knightin' :)

QR codes contain solutions for the puzzles. You might've found rooms with lots of blue symbols on the floor. QR codes tell you which of them have to be activated.

So do I need a smartphone to scan the QR codes?


QR codes contain puzzles' solutions. You can use them if you haven't found another hints or can't figure them out. You need a smartphone to scan QR codes or you can make a screenshot and use an online scanner.

This game's pretty fun! I like the artstyle a lot, too.

I did run into a glitch, though. I don't know what caused it exactly (not a helpful bug report, I know), but I think it has something to do with dashing into doors. At first there were some graphical errors while moving between rooms (the transition effect showed the wrong room), and then when I got to the next floor, my character didn't appear anywhere so the game soft-locked. The mini-map still shows that I'm on the floor below.

Anyway, шлю вітання з Києва! ;)

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Thanks for bug report! It must be fixed in current version.

Дякую, друже :)

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I polayed Knightin' and did some Fightin'. 

Nice little rogue type game. Graphics are nice and overall gameplay was just nicely chilled.

I played the first 2 levels and will play some more after tea. Keep up the great work.

Keep Slashin and Dashin DEVS


Thanks for playing!

And one more thing.

I noticed that you you guessed solution of the first puzzle. But it won't be easy with the second one. There are 2 more easy ways to solve them. You can look for the hints hidden on the floor (small square holes) and figure out solution yourself, or you may find a QR code with a solution.

Yeah, i was lucky to guess the first puzzle and I was looking at the floor for a clue for the second puzzle but couldn't work it out but i knew the clue was there somewhere and now that you've mentioned it, I'm going to go play.



A blast to the past reminds me when I was young playing the first Zelda on the NES!

Thanks! This game is heavily inspired by early Zelda games (I'm a big fan of those). I noticed that you stumbled upon one of the puzzle rooms. There are 2 ways to solve it. You can look for the hints hidden on the floor and figure out solution yourself, or you may find a QR code with a solution.


Pretty cool so far! I liked the use of the QR code. Only real issue I had was the music was a bit repetitive and could be more upbeat, but otherwise it looks and plays pretty well!

Thanks for playing and for the video! It was fun to watch. There are also alternative hints if you don't wish to install a QR app. They look like as a small square holes on the ground.


I like the art, it looks very nice!


Thanks a lot!

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