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I enjoyed playing this very much! Glad to finally finish it. The great amount of hazards it includes makes it quite the hard one to complete. But I am no expert by any means xaxa.

Congratulations on beating One Fine Day! I'm very happy that you had fun :)

Like it, it remember me games like Super Meat Boy or Give Up, good.


Thanks for playing! I'm glad that you had fun :)

Nice atmosphere. good back ground music



Never thought I'd get so angry at a bird haha- 

This game was super good and I honestly spent what felt like hours on it (in a good way of course) The sound effects and music were honestly wonderful. Despite how much I kept raging I still kept playing. 100/10 from me.

Thanks a lot! I'm really happy that you enjoyed One Fine Day :)


Found this by scrolling through the 'platformer' tag, looking for something else, and this caught my eye. Thought I'd play a level or two but I could not stop until I finished over an hour later. Really incredible, clever design, and very fair in its difficulty. Love everything about this game, even if the guns felt a lil' out of place. Thank you for this.

Thank you for playing! I'm really glad that you had a One Fine Day ;)

Awesome game!!

Thanks for playing!

my xbox one controller won't let me move right or left, I can just jump, is it still not supported?

There are no stick controls but it should work fine with the D-pad.  Just tested it with my controller.

All your games rock man:)

Thanks mate :)

How many levels/checkpoints are in this game total? I saw the comment where you'd added 10 levels but I was wondering about the complete total number of levels.

There are 30 levels.


Super difficult, but amazing game!

Thank you very much!

thanks for making the game with do a let's play on it



This game is perfect.

Incredible level design, max frustration for every death, but great satisfaction for every passed level.

Very good job!

Thanks a lot! Glad that you liked it ^_^


Super fun game! We played it in my 6th-8th grade lunchtime gaming club, and they really loved it :)

Thanks! Glad that you liked it :)






Wow! Wonderful design of this page!


Thanks a lot!