One Fine Day is a hardcore platformer with some puzzle elements. In this game you'll need to help a little guy to get away from the grim forest filled with deadly traps and bloodthirsty monstrosities (well like in most of the other games).

Hope that you'll like it.


Besides double and wall jumps this game also supports gamepads and even touchscreens.


Special thanks to my friend Nasos for atmospheric dark ambient music I used as a soundtrack.

Version History

1.2.2 - 29/05/15


  • code optimization;
  • added hotkeys for pause menu;
  • few minor fixes.

1.2.1 - 30/08/14


  • code optimization;
  • fixed bug with gravity beams;
  • redesigned some interface elements;
  • added gamepad and touchscreen support.

1.2 - 29/11/13


  • added 10 new levels;
  • new type of enemy - Ancient Giant;
  • new threat - Eclipse;
  • added loading bar on start screen;
  • blue fireflies were resized;
  • bunch of minor bugs fixed.

1.1 - 16/10/13


  • spike collisions remastered;
  • load menu improved(added option to choose level);
  • necrology stats recording remastered;
  • bunch of minor bugs fixed;
  • code optimization.

1.0 - 31/07/13


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I enjoyed playing this very much! Glad to finally finish it. The great amount of hazards it includes makes it quite the hard one to complete. But I am no expert by any means xaxa.

Congratulations on beating One Fine Day! I'm very happy that you had fun :)

Like it, it remember me games like Super Meat Boy or Give Up, good.


Thanks for playing! I'm glad that you had fun :)

Nice atmosphere. good back ground music



Never thought I'd get so angry at a bird haha- 

This game was super good and I honestly spent what felt like hours on it (in a good way of course) The sound effects and music were honestly wonderful. Despite how much I kept raging I still kept playing. 100/10 from me.

Thanks a lot! I'm really happy that you enjoyed One Fine Day :)


Found this by scrolling through the 'platformer' tag, looking for something else, and this caught my eye. Thought I'd play a level or two but I could not stop until I finished over an hour later. Really incredible, clever design, and very fair in its difficulty. Love everything about this game, even if the guns felt a lil' out of place. Thank you for this.

Thank you for playing! I'm really glad that you had a One Fine Day ;)

Awesome game!!

Thanks for playing!

my xbox one controller won't let me move right or left, I can just jump, is it still not supported?

There are no stick controls but it should work fine with the D-pad.  Just tested it with my controller.

All your games rock man:)

Thanks mate :)

How many levels/checkpoints are in this game total? I saw the comment where you'd added 10 levels but I was wondering about the complete total number of levels.

There are 30 levels.


Super difficult, but amazing game!

Thank you very much!

thanks for making the game with do a let's play on it



This game is perfect.

Incredible level design, max frustration for every death, but great satisfaction for every passed level.

Very good job!

Thanks a lot! Glad that you liked it ^_^


Super fun game! We played it in my 6th-8th grade lunchtime gaming club, and they really loved it :)

Thanks! Glad that you liked it :)






Wow! Wonderful design of this page!


Thanks a lot!