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How are you supposed to get past the level with the elevator and the rocket turrets above it?

Oh, it's a very old and unbalanced demo. There won't be such unfairly hard moments in the actual game. But the level is beatable. You need to use slo-mo to jump over the rockets.

How do you use slo-mo?

All controls are listed in the game's description. Hold X or K on keyboard or LT on gamepad.


SO much fun

Glad that you liked this small prototype. Full game will be much better

Can't wait for that then.


Thanks! It's just a short prototype demo to show what the future game will look like. Going to make a new demo (which will be a part of the final game) in a month or two.

what do you use to program?

For this game I used Construct 2 engine


This game is awesome !

Thank you very much!