This game was successfully greenlit! Thank you all for your support!

Keep in mind that this game is still in development. I built the small prototype you may play here just to show the basic aspects of the gameplay.

It's a sequel to an award-winning game Night Strike Infiltrators. You can play it for free here on Itch.io!

About the Game

NSI: Operation Zero is an action platformer with stealth elements set in a cyberpunk world of the near future.

Game Features:

  • intensive action-filled gameplay
  • time bending mechanics if things get too fast
  • friendly fire: make your foes kill each other
  • boss fights
  • character upgrade system
  • and lots of missions to test your skills



  • Movement - Left Arrow/Right Arrow or A/D
  • Jump - Up Arrow or W or Shift
  • Use - Down Arrow or S
  • Roll - Space
  • Shooting - Z or J
  • Reload - R
  • Slo-mo - X or K
  • Rocket - C or L


  • Movement - D-Pad or Left Stick
  • Jump - A
  • Use - D-Pad Down or Left Stick Down
  • Roll - LB
  • Shooting - RT or X
  • Reload - Y
  • Slo-mo - LT
  • Rocket - RB or B
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePlatformer, Shooter
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Cyberpunk, Fast-Paced, Pixel Art, Robots, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Stealth


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How are you supposed to get past the level with the elevator and the rocket turrets above it?

Oh, it's a very old and unbalanced demo. There won't be such unfairly hard moments in the actual game. But the level is beatable. You need to use slo-mo to jump over the rockets.

How do you use slo-mo?

All controls are listed in the game's description. Hold X or K on keyboard or LT on gamepad.


SO much fun

Glad that you liked this small prototype. Full game will be much better

Can't wait for that then.


Thanks! It's just a short prototype demo to show what the future game will look like. Going to make a new demo (which will be a part of the final game) in a month or two.

what do you use to program?

For this game I used Construct 2 engine


This game is awesome !

Thank you very much!