Knightin'+ on Mobile and Giveaway!

So it finally happened... For the first time my game gets a mobile release! Knightin'+ is available on Android and iOS now. And since my birthday is just in a few days I decided to celebrate with a new giveaway. To enter you need to like and share this tweet:

4 random winners will be announced on February 14th and will receive a code for a preferred mobile OS. Good luck!


Google Play:

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Hmmm I suck at mobile games. But I'd definitely get the game for Steam or GOG, if you have the resources to get it released there.

Checked the latest popular games and something came into my mind: "I played this gem, did I? Have to play it again." The end came shortly after and now I've seen Knightlin+ from you and the screenshots.

One thought:

Community: "How many places in the hotbar will you implement?"

Wolod: "Yes."

Thanks again for the wonderful game and I might consider getting it to play on Bluestacks :).

Thanks for the kind words!

Knightin'+ was initially released on Steam and GOG in 2019. It's also available on consoles since 2020.

Hope that you'll enjoy playing it on Bluestacks :)


Ohhhh. Might have to sleep a bit more. Instantly bought on Steam :). Thanks again for the hint and please excuse my wrong assumption. I have to apologise!

295376912680344**** (last 4 digits censored - dunno what people might do if they have it) on Steam - kept my promise :).

Have a good day and keep up doing pixelarts. Love them!