Knightin' was stolen!

Hey! Long time no see. Hope that you're all are doing well.

One scumbag has stolen Knightin' and published it under the name of Dungeon Adventure in the Microsoft store...

I'm really shocked right now. Please help to spread the word.

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Looks like it's been taken down [link no-longer works,] sorry to see you had to deal with this.

No spoken words on this... Here's to hoping that person who stole your game will recieve his due*.

* fined for his cyber-crime he commited

That's unbelievable! Has it been taken down from the MS store?

Not yet. But I have sent the DMCA complaint to Microsoft. Waiting for the response at the moment.

Hope they will take responsible actions on this issue.
Did you researched the person(s) who is/are behind this thievery?
Good luck on your projects!

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TG999 is the name used by the theif on the MS page for the game

this sucks! I hope MS takes it down fast!


I hope too...