Knightin'+ Update v.1.1

Hey there!

It's been 2 weeks since the full game release and I've received a lot of valuable feedback already. Seems that lots of people crave for the same features and I couldn't ignore those requests. But let's cut to the chase. Shall we?

Lo and behold the magnificent update 1.1!

Remember those features mentioned earlier. Here is the list:

  • multiple save slots
  • customizable controls
  • music and SFX volume levels instead of on/off switches

All these features are available now alongside with some minor improvements. But that's not all!

People tend not to notice reset puzzle control hints. So now they start flashing after at least one block was moved. Hope this will solve this problem.

Also I noticed that some people say that music in dungeons is somewhat repetitive. Håkon Dale, a talented Norwegian composer who created all music for Knightin'+, extended the dungeon tracks.

And last but not least. Thanks to the volunteers GeopJr and Stallker adventures of sir Lootalot are localized to Greek and Portuguese (Brasil) languages!

Thanks for your feedback, guys! It helps Knightin'+ to become a better experience for all of us. Keep being awesome and have a nice play!

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