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God, I've gotten old. I remember playing this so long ago. I still don't know if plumber man is sad, depressed or smoking.

Earned a follow.

Plumber man is in a middle of the existencial crisis. Thanks for playing!

really solid! More Metroidvanias plzzz :)

Thanks! Glad that you had fun :)


literally 1985

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what do the tri force thingies do



You don't want to know the answer...

TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Um, I played a game that had the same soundtrack powers, music and everything. the only difference was the character. it was called another gentleman's adventure i think. 


It was a special reskin that I made for coolmath games website. I was accused for pirating my own game once because of this lol. There is even a notification in the "Another Gentleman Adventure" description on coolmath that states that it's just a reskin of original 1985 game. Yet even after all these years people keep asking this questions xD


XD Lol sry for the misunderstanding.

I was going to say this lmao


Yeah, that's the funny story. Guys from Cool Math Games worried that my non-commercial fan-game could provoke a copyright claim from Nintendo (you never can be too cautious I guess). That's why they asked me to change the main character's sprite and the name (because it didn't make sense without Mario reference) before publishing this game on their website. They mentioned that it's a reskin of 1985 in the description on their website but people rarely read those. Should've put the disclaimer inside the reskinned version itself xD

PS: the funniest part were the people who accused me for stealing Another Gentleman's Adventure. Yet they somehow didn't notice all the other Mario references that left in the game like mushroom that makes you big, green pipes, enemy design, etc. Usually I pointed out that to end any pointless arguing about which game was the original.

literally got stuck in a room in a minute of playing this game >:(

haha, hope that you enjoyed your time :)


somehow I managed to glitch my way through a goomba mushroom thingy underneath a roof that had one space between them (I had grabbed the mushroom that turns you big) and now a glitch saved me from a glitch


In this case it's not a bug, but a feature :D

Just finised playing, and this has to be one of my favorites!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad that you liked it 😊


I thought the way the screen follows you as you jump around is very janky and uncomfortable.

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I can agree with that. Tiny resolution is the cause of the problem.


Fun and addictive. I enjoyed the design and play through. Takes me back to good ol Mario. The colors are eye catching. The interactive environment added a good atmosphere to the game. Keep up the great work.

Thanks a lot and, of course, thanks for playing!


I look forward to playing more of your games.

Hope you'll like them.

I'll be sure to let you know :)