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what engine are u using just wondering


I used Construct 2. Now I've switched to C3

thanks bro 

Just found out about this yesterday.

Pretty cool game.. would love to see an android port at some point.

Keep up the great work!

Hey! You won't believe it. But mobile port was released yesterday. Also I created a giveaway on my Twitter. You can try your luck and win Android code :)


Oh wow, just right after I wrote my comment..

Congratulations on the mobile release man. 🎉🥳

I'll be sure to check out the giveaway for sure..But I think I'm gonna end up purchasing it anyway to support you! 🙂

Thanks for the kind words and for your support! I really appreciate it :)

The full game just released on GOG. Can you rrelease it here too?

Also can you put the soundtrack on GOG?


Those are very good questions. I've explained earlier that I won't sell the full game on itch and gamejolt because these websites support only payment systems like PayPal that are not supported in my country. As for the soundtrack I can't decide what things I can upload to GOG myself. Of course I asked their manager about the possibility to release the soundtrack and they said they will think about it.


I’m so happy to see this on vita!!! So much easier to carry it around and battery power last SO much longer than my switch. (Praying for a vita 2) and ty for still supporting such a power system, (15 years later, still viable gaming option) 

Thanks a lot! I'm really glad that you liked Knightin'+ and sincerely hope that my future games won't disappoint you too (and will be released on Vita of course)

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I think I might buy this game in the future.

Yep, enemies respawn so you can farm more if you wish. But if you've cleared the room once the doors stay open forever so you can skip fights with the respawned enemies if you want.

You got the second puzzle right and you had to turn off one more light to get it solved.

Had much fun watching. Thanks for playing :)

Why isn't the full game on I'd like to give you 100% of the revenue.

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I'd like to... Unfortunately I can't sell my games on because they make payments only via PayPal or Stripe which are not supported in my country at the moment. I either have to wait for to add more payment options or for some changes in the bank system of my country. Both options don't seem to become viable soon.

I see. Hopefully they fix that soon. Your game looks very fun!


Man this is cool!  So much Zelda nostalgia!  But.. does mr. almost a dragon have... fingernails?


Thanks a lot for playing! And, yes, I thought that it would be funny if his legs were consisting of big fat toes :)


I was recommended this game to me and I am pleased to play and share the video online, good game indeed.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Guess what I'll be watching right now ;)

sos mi idolo trabho en algo parecido pero en hd y caricatoreso para gente nostalgica k le gosta el crossover... Dead Hero

If I understand google translation right, you're working on a similar game. Good luck with your project as well!

te amo.


have my native language (portuguese) , this is enough i love it


I'm very grateful to all the volunteers who helped me with the translations :)

Any plans to bring this to console?

Would certainly be interested in adding it to my xbox collection ^_^

Yes, I've signed a contract with one console publisher already. But it's hard to tell estimated release date at the moment.

I completely understand if you can't tell me, but can you disclose what system your trying? This would be a great game on the Nintendo switch, if not, ill probably just buy it on steam. This game is so much fun! Keep up the great work! :D

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Thanks a lot! Yes, Switch release is definitely planned. My publisher promised to bring it to all major consoles.

Awesome! can't wait! :D

Glad to hear it's not gonna be exclusive. So many good games I see keep skipping the xbox :(


Ohhhh, this is such a fun game! Lovely old school feel, Binding of Isaac vibes, clever little brain teasing puzzles that you don't usually expect to see in a dungeon crawler, cutesy enemies (that you may or may not feel kinda bad about killing), endless loot, a dodgy shopkeeper... yup, this certainly ticks all the boxes for me!

This demo was a blast, and I will undoubtedly be diving into the full version of the game at some point in the future. And I would highly recommend that you all give the demo a try as well, and it you ain't as hooked as I am then heck, you must just hate gold and adventuring and all that good stuff!

Keep up the awesome work Wolod, haven't had this much fun since I played Nymphiad, ha! =)


Hey Mike! Great video man! Congrats on cracking that puzzle :D


Started playing the full version of Knightin' + and it's as good as the original. The controls are simple, the gameplay is fun and easy to pick up on, and the loot is plentiful! All it needs now is rad music. Oh, wait, it has that, too.

Good job, dev, and keep up the quality work.
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And yet again I had tons of fun watching you playing my game :)

Yes, the dungeon layout had changed since the original Knightin'. And it is designed in a way that makes to buy the last key to access the boss room. I can't leave a location until I collect everything just like you. However you can revisit the dungeons you've beaten already and buy the missing stuff later. Next dungeons will be bigger and contain much more loot chests. So in fact there is no need to grind things, but it's up to you :D

And it was a really weird bug with Qaug. Yes, it can't hurt you if you're dashing. Guess you have an inhuman reaction ;)
Looking forward to see your next videos. Cheers!

I typically like to stay in a dungeon until I get all the loot I can. I'm all about having a big pile of loot, just like the hero. Even if there is no need to grind, I probably would just for the hoard, heheh.


Part 2! My poor brain...

Still fun though.

Had much fun watching you exploring the pyramid! You're pretty good at sokoban, don't be so harsh on yourself :)

Game saves automatically each time you enter new floor or go to the world map. Guess that you turned off autosave in the options.

Looking forward to the next episode!


Part 3! I feel SO lost, but at least I have loot.

I was waiting for this episode! And yet again had much fun watching you play. There are 7 floors in this dungeon by the way ;)


Part 4! Now with beaten boss!

Wow! You did extremely well! Last boss won't be as easy. Can't wait to see how you'll deal with him.

That little 1 block barrier on the last floor wasn't supposed to be down before you've opened the chest. Thanks for the accidental bug report :D


Part 5! Peaking into the last dungeon today.

Let me give you a little hint for the puzzle with 2 dice-like shapes. You've been in a room with a big shining face and pillars. Small faces resemble the buttons. Big faces resemble that the whole room is a solution. Maybe pillars are the hint or maybe torches. Who knows? There was a big face in the first dungeon too. But you've been there so much time ago that you might've forgotten about it. Hints for the puzzles are always located on the same floor by the way. This should help you to get the legendary loot on the optional path and beat the whole dungeon without breaking a sweat ;)

I made this guide yesterday. Perhaps you'll find it useful.


Part 6! Nearly to the end!

Also, thanks for sharing the guide link, but I'll still try to figure things out on my own for now.

Cute and fun. And the boss is adorable. Can't wait to see the bosses from the rest of the dungeons. :)


Thank you for the fun video! I had great time watching it :)

Glad you liked it! Keep up the good dev work! :)


It always makes me super happy to see amazing games made with Construct 2. This does not disappoint, its a ton of fun and helps give a good name to my favorite game engine.

Yep, C2 is an amazing, yet very underrated engine.

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Hi! Would be great to have some tutorial at the start, because I didn't know how to open the chest in the second room (I opened it by luck). Think about it, please. And thanks for Ukrainian language ;) 

UPD. I got it now, the tutorial is on the floor, LUL.

UPD2. Передивіться свій український текст, будь ласка, там вже на початку є трохи русизмів. «По всіх околицях» → «всіма околицями», «по-моєму» → «як на мене» і так далі. 
Гра прикольна, музика приємна, хоча й трохи заголосна — шкода, що не можна міняти рівень звуку.

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Дякую за відгук. Можливо потім розширю меню налаштувань.

А на рахунок русизмів не погоджуся.

"По всіх околицях" - аналог такого використання фрази можемо знайти в Нечуя-Левицького

"По-моєму" - наприклад зустрічається у того ж Григорія Тютюнника

Не кожен синонімічний фразеологізм русизм.

Окей, без проблем. Я теж не все знаю, лише вказав на те, що здалося русизмом.

Та і я не філолог. Я ж після вашого коменту поліз перевіряти чи ці фрази дійсно русизми. На щастя пронесло :)


If you love the dungeoning of zelda Then you'll love Knightn'+ 

Here's a gameplay video


Fun video, man!

this really has expanded a bunch when i first played also in this one room with 12 panels whats thee code?

These 12 buttons resemble the 12 rooms on the current floor. Pay attention in which rooms there are flashing hints on the floor. Or use this solution if you want:


uhhh dude you know which im talking about right cause that code dosent work its a 3 by 4 you did a 4 by 4

ok forget my last comment you were right each symbol shows  the same pattern  and i got more health

Looks really good, got sucked in easily :p

That's nice! Thanks for playing!

cool to see that your still making this game.

I don't like to abandon my creations :)