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the screen is like very small


No wonder, it's a lowrez jam version. Screen size is 64x64. Try postjam version. It's also here on itch.


Good times from a good year and a good game inspired by it. Good job on this.

Now flip it and make a Metroid with Mario themes! Ha.

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Thanks! I tried my best ;)

Typewriters are these guys

As much sense as that makes...I still like "Golden typewriter sawblade guys."

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I like this name too.

Oh my god I died to the first Goomba.

That's... Impressive XD

fuckin good!!!

Thanks man!

This game was amazing. I really appreciate this so much. I loved everything about it. PLEASE continue to make games. The level design was so solid.

Thanks you very much! I won't stop creating games :)
I created a post-jam version by the way with bigger resolution and minimap. I just forgot to upload it to I'll do it in a day or two. But if you want to try it right now, here's a link to it on GameJolt:

Really cool! Nice concept, and great execution given how small the view is

It'sa him!


It's Mario! Like it!

Thanks :)

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very nice! I like it! Waiting for high resolution release =)

Thanks! I'll consider creating high-res version after the jam.

Funny game, comptetive gameplay even for me, not platformer-lover.
I've called all lives but could killed the boss(
Can't U add the lifebar for him?

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Glad that you've liked my game :)
I'll add lifebar for the boss and sounds in the update.